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I'm female, old and tend to draw whatever I feel like because I'm a lazy jerkface.

I love pokémon, neopets and anthro art so you'll probably see a lot of that.

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Jon Talbain is totes my werewolf husbando. 

Yeah, I may have started playing Darkstalkers just because of him, back in the when.

Quick doodle before bedtime.

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Just sketching some shit for just me because I deserve it. I want to colour this but eeeh 3:30 in the morning…

Bonus doodle of Kyurem in  my regular style.

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Colour Palette Challenge - Keldeo in no. 67, requested by Cetas on FA

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idk, trying to adapt pokémon a bit more in my own style. Pfft.

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Anonymous ASKED:
How did you find your own drawing style ?


by being me and drawing

Gosh thank you so much everyone. Those sketch suggestions really helped me work through a bit of an artblock. It’s been a while since I drew stuff in my own style, rather than trying to adapt a crossover between an existing style and my own, so those in particular animals were a lot of fun. Maybe there’s still hope for me!

Also thank you everyone, for following me/still following me/liking/reblogging, you really make my day!

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Nice excuse to look at some ref and practice drawing birbs. I really love jackdaws, more so than regular crows. When I was about 10 years old I used to spend almost all of my free time at the bird hospital across the street. Feeding baby jackdaw (and many other birds) was so much fun. Less so when they got older and used to love sitting on your head/in your hair, while you pulled the food out.

SORRY FOR THE RAMBLING, I just love birds.

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I still want ferrets, apparently they’re really smelly. And bitey. But that just sounds like our cats so I think I can deal.

The smell wasn’t really my problem (although it changes from person to person, I also love the smell of my dog and the way my rats used to smell). The fact they they delight in pushing limits, always try to dig holes in your carpet, don’t even bother having plantpots in the house and well… you get the idea why…

The biting… well… some people say it’s not likely to happen but in my experience it’s difficult to train them out of entirely. Also unlike dogs they don’t seem to be aware of what will/won’t break your skin.

Try them before you buy them is all I can say ;) they’re adorable little things but I lack the patience to keep them.

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burds. maybe ferrets. or snakes.

The thing I love about ferrets is that they’re actually liquid. 

Nah, I love them and really wanted them as pets when I was little but I don’t think I would be able to deal with their mischief. 

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a cuttlefish?


I love how they often look so worried. Have a shy cuttlefish.

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a gecko :D


I love leopard gecko because of their little croissant tails <3 

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spyro :3


I’ll admit, I haven’t really played any real Spyro games since the GBA ones but I do love the bratling dragon. 

I do love him in Skylanders though. Fucking fight me ;)

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I get such a boner whenever I boot Sai and my pressure sensitivity works on the first try.

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Feeling a bit meh? Quickly doodle some ginger werewolves. Yeah fucking fight me, I know everyone always goes for the dark and brooding colours but all of my woofs have been ginger because that makes them great hunters AHAHA.

Needs more muscular arms tho, just like doggies best werewolves have thick arm muscles and thin backlegs.

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