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I just like to draw every once in a while :D If you have an art request for a pokémon or neopet, leave it in my ask box and I'll see what I can do.

I love pokémon, neopets and anthro art so you'll probably see a lot of that.

Never shy away from sending me a message, I love meeting new people.

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isaakwolfram ASKED:
What is neopets?
Anyway, can you draw an Arbok please? :3c


This was a fun little warm up. Kanto morph is still best. Thanks isaakwolfram <3!

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Whelp, no Habitarium after the move? Damn Neopets, that seems rather shite. It also happened to be my only source of NP </3

I’m rather miffed about this.

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Askbox open for requests.

I’m working on my last request now and from now on my ask box will be open for requests.

Neopets and pokémon only though. So got something you’d like me to draw, leave it in my ask and I’ll see what I can do.

I do put a massive disclaimer on maybe not being able to have time to do your requests any time soon/if at all, even though I will try my hardest. I’ll note you if that’s the case.

If you want to get the stuff you ask for for certain, commission me instead ;) I do accept NP/item commissions.

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Aaand another request, this kyrii here being 182 one for windkaempferin. I know you stalk the neotag at times ;) I hope you’ll enjoy him.

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Back to getting the requests done! This is Xaiza for crazykadoatielady. Thanks for requesting tis cutie Ixi <3

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… I keep forgetting how much I love kyrii, I just wish they hadn’t been squished to look like whatever they do now.

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It took me far too long to sketch this, no seriously, I can tell I haven’t drawn in forever.

Just Feriak and Zahreed being nerds. Sketching my pets to get some scales down.

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Here we have a sketch of Kapchitsa for .  She’s such a sweet little cybunny girl who loves pretty dresses and drawing things. 

I hope you like her and don’t mind the slight artistic liberty I took :)

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yark-wark replied to your post: Thanks for the fun! Taking new requests.…Would you wanna try old Cal? He’s lacking a physical head though. XD Wish I could give him glowing eyes. :c

Oh man that’d be fantastic. Will add in some glowing eyes. ;)

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Thanks for the fun! Taking new requests.

Phew, doing all these requests has been a LOT of fun. I’m about to head to bed in a bit, but just wanted to thank everyone who’s let me draw their pets. 

Now I’ll probably won’t have much time this week, but I’d like to open up again for four new neopets sketch requests. I don’t mind if you’ve requested art of me before, but this time it’ll be for my followers only. 

So drop a message in my ask/reply to this post and I’ll add your pet to my to do list! 

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And he final sketch request BossByte the Spotted Lupe (and Pixel) for desuthemoonbear

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Here we have the latest request, Volitain the cutie Wraith Gelert for lywen

Hope you like him!

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Also, if anybody ever wonders, my main on Neopets is Snigglecheeks. Idk, maybe you want to talk or trade or something. I have no friends.

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Quickly before I go to bed, Maw the draik for buichu!

It was a hella lof of fun to work on!

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Another cutie request: Khaios for neoperks . I hope you like him (and that the smudge on his snoz is correct - will fix if not).

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