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I'm female, old and tend to draw whatever I feel like because I'm a lazy jerkface.

I love pokémon, neopets and anthro art so you'll probably see a lot of that.

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I’m having a bad art day so rather than churn out worse than mediocre commission sketches I figured I’d try my hand at line arting and slapping come colours on this image.

Idk, it’s horrible but I’ve started so I’ll continue now.

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Still trying to work through my art block and we’re slowly getting there. Yes I’m drawing all the pokémon I run on my teams. This being a quick sketch of my two sawsbuck (half) brothers. I run a jolly Autumn one and an adamant Winter one. I like to think that the jolly one really gets on his brother’s nerves at the best of times…

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Trying to work through a big fat art block holy shit.

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I’m currently job hunting and have no income so any help through commissions is welcome <3

A reminder that I’m still taking commissions. I currently have no active ones so there will be a short waiting time!

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Reblog if it is okay if I make fanart of your OCs

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Last sketch for today, promise.

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I also really loved Gabumon. The fact he wraps himself in a self made pelt of a Garurumon to feel less shy is too darn adorable.

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Decided that I should try drawing pokémon more in my own style. 

Are you tired of my sketch dumps yet?

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"You really are shit at fishing."

Idk more doodles.

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Besides pokémon I also *really* liked digimon but I never really drew them. I only like the first 2 seasons though, season 3 is alright but anything after that just isn’t for me.

Gomamon will forever be my favourite though so I thought I’d give drawing him a shot.

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idk I’m restless so I doodled some young dragons

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I love how dragons I draw have like two modes: scaled horse faced dragons  and fluffy dog faced dragons.

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Also have some noodle dragon

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I can’t seem to draw a thing today so I quickly doodled some dragons,

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Sorry for the second upload, something went wrong with the previous one.

Either way, here we have Ezskar (drawn as a zafara) on his was to Darigan Citadel. Thank you so much yark-wark for this commission, I had a real blast playing around with him!

Got to question that choice in decoration for these paths though, who thought that tooth-like spikes make good road signs…

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